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Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

heat pump

If you have a heat pump in your home then you are no doubt enjoying the comfort and efficiency that it provides. However, if it has come time to replace your current system or if you’re moving into a new home and need a new heat pump, just call the heat pump professionals at Hood Canal Heating & Cooling. We have over 15 years of experience working with all different brands of heat pumps and our heat pump technicians are factory trained so that they can provide you with the quality of service that you deserve. Here at Hood Canal Heating & Cooling we are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction which is why we recommend Trane products and why we are certified Trane Comfort Specialists. Give us a call today to talk with one of our technicians about any heat pump installation or replacement service.

The heating and air conditioning specialists at Hood Canal Heating and Cooling offer quality heat pump installation and replacement services throughout Mason County, Kitsap County, Thurston County, Jefferson County and Pierce County.

Trane Heat Pump Options

Heat pumps are very similar to a central air conditioning system except that they can provide both cooling and heating. At Hood Canal Heating & Cooling, we recommend Trane products because their commitment to excellence mirrors our own commitment to providing quality workmanship on every job. Take a look at some of the high quality products that Trane offers.

Heat Pump Installation Services

Having your new system installed by a qualified heat pump installation professional is a great way to get the outstanding performance from your new equipment. Finding the right–sized heat pump is one of the most important steps in the process and it happens long before your new system arrives at your house. When you work with the heat pump professionals at Hood Canal Heating & Cooling, we will perform the necessary calculations and measurements to determine exactly what size system would be right for your home.

Another important consideration is the efficiency rating of your new heat pump. Heat pumps are given two different efficiency ratings: one for cooling and one for heating. For cooling, heat pumps receive a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) that describes how much cooling the system produces divided by the energy used. In order to receive an Energy Star rating a heat pump must achieve at least a 14.5 SEER rating. For heating, heat pumps get a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) which measures how much heating is produced divided by the amount of electricity consumed. A HSPF of 8 is about average for many brands of heat pumps though on high–efficiency systems it can be up to 9.

Heat Pump Replacement Services

While heat pumps are generally very resilient and tend to last for many years, they will eventually break down. But knowing when it’s time for replacement instead of repair can be difficult. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for which might indicate that it’s time to get a replacement for your heat pump.

  • Humidity problems – If you notice that your home is humid or muggy it could mean that your heat pump needs replacement.
  • Age – If your heat pump is getting older, you could increase the efficiency and comfort of your home by replacing your system with a new system.
  • Frequent repair – When you have to call for frequent repairs for your heat pump it might make more financial sense to just replace the entire system instead of continuing to repair it.
  • Inefficient operation – If your heat pump suddenly starts using more energy to heat or cool your home, it might be time to replace it.

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement Services

If your heat pump has failed permanently or you’re interested in investing in a new system, just call the heat pump installation and replacement professionals a Hood Canal Heating & Cooling.

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