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Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance

If you own a heat pump in your home then it means that you likely run it a lot throughout the year to both heat and cool your home. All this wear and tear can put stress on your equipment and cause it to break down. When you need any heat pump repair service in the just call the specialists at Hood Canal Heating & Cooling. Our heat pump repair technicians have over 150 years of combined experience and have worked on all different types and brands of systems. Whether your heat pump is making an unusual noise or it isn’t producing any heating or cooling, the specialists at Hood Canal Heating & Cooling can get your system back up and running again quickly. We are dedicated to providing you with quality workmanship and friendly customer service so give us a call today.

The heating and air conditioning specialists at Hood Canal Heating and Cooling offer quality heat pump repair and maintenance services throughout Mason County, Kitsap County, Thurston County, Jefferson County and Pierce County.

Heat Pump Repair Services

Because your heat pump pulls double duty by providing you with both heating and cooling, they can experience a lot of use, which could lead to repairs. When you call Hood Canal Heating & Cooling for repair services, our heat pump repair technicians arrive promptly, the wear protective covers on their boots and always put down a drop cloth on the floor to protect your home. Below are a few of the most common issues that that we get called to fix.

  • Not enough heating or cooling – If your heat pump is underperforming it could be caused by a couple of different issues. It might just be a clogged air filter but it could be a broken compressor, fan motor or an iced–up evaporator coil.
  • Strange noises – If your heat pump starts making an unusual noise it probably isn’t a good sign. If you hear a squealing noise, it likely is the fan belt that needs replacing. Hissing can often signify that you have a refrigerant leak somewhere while gurgling could mean that you have low refrigerant.
  • Humidity problems – Your heat pump will naturally provide you with dehumidification during the summer by removing moisture through condensation. If you notice that your home is humid and muggy it likely means that you have an issue with your heat pump.

Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

Scheduling heat pump maintenance services in with Hood Canal Heating & Cooling is one of the best ways for you to improve the function of your system. As your heat pump operates, it will develop small quirks and issues. If these problems are allowed to persist it could cause bigger, more costly repairs in the future. When you sign up for regular maintenance visits, our heat pump maintenance technicians will thoroughly inspect, clean and repair every component of your heat pump. They will look for any small issues that could be developing and fix them early, which could have the following benefits:

  • Reduced repair
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased comfort
  • Longer equipment life

Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance Services

No matter what brand of heat pump you have, our heat pump repair specialists here at Hood Canal Heating & Cooling can fix it or maintain it. We’ve been around for over 15 years because of our commitment to providing our customers with a competitive price and quality services.

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