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Air Cleaners

Many homeowners don’t realize just how contaminated their home’s air can be. In many cases, the air inside your home can actually be more contaminated than outside air. One of the most effective ways to improve the quality of air in your home is with an air cleaner. These types of products usually sit in your home’s ductwork where they remove pollutants as the fans from your heater or AC push the air through the filter. There is a huge range of products on the market and we here at Hood Canal Heating & Cooling can work on any of them. We are proud to offer complete air cleaner installation, repair and maintenance services. Whether you need to have a new air filter installed or you’re concerned about the performance of your current one, just give us a call. Our air cleaner technicians have years of experience and are dedicated to your satisfaction and to the quality of work that they do. Contact us today to start breathing better air in your home.


The air cleaner specialists at Hood Canal Heating and Cooling offer quality repair, installation and maintenance services throughout Mason County, Kitsap County, Thurston County, Jefferson County and Pierce County.

Types of Air Cleaners

If you’re ready to get a new air cleaner in your home, just call air cleaner installation technicians at Hood Canal Heating & Cooling. There are a large range of products on the market and our specialists will help you find the right system that matches your home’s air quality needs.

  • Media air filter – This type of filter uses a physical media like fiberglass to trap and remove contaminants from your home’s air supply. Some products allow you to regularly remove the filter, wash it, and put it back in while other brands require that you buy new filters to replace the old, dirty ones.
  • Electronic air filter – This type of air filter uses static electricity to charge the particles that pass through the filter. The particles are then attracted to a collector plate and thus removed from your air. The collector plate needs to be regularly washed and cleaned to allow for proper operation.

Air Cleaner Installation Services

Professional air cleaner installation service is the only way to make sure that your new system works well. We’ll help you find a great air cleaner that matches your home’s needs as well as the capabilities of your air conditioning and heating system. Each air filter is given a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) that describes how effective the filter is. For example, HEPA filters usually have a MERV rating of around 20. While this is great for hospitals or clean rooms in certain manufacturing sectors, it would be too dense for a residential air conditioner or heater. Our air cleaner specialists will be able to recommend a good system for your home with your home’s efficiency and your budget in mind. We often recommend Trane CleanEffects™ filters because of the quality that they offer our customers. We also recommend Honeywell air cleaning products as they offer both electric and media air filters.

Air Cleaner Repair Service and Maintenance

Like any other component of your air conditioning and heating system, your air cleaner might stop working properly. If this happens, it can impact the efficiency of your home as well as the air quality. Hood Canal Heating & Cooling offers fast and accurate air cleaner repair service for all different types and brands. If you notice that your AC or heater isn’t producing enough cooling or heating, it could be that you have a clogged air filter. Alternatively, if you smell a strange odor coming from your ducts, bacteria might be growing on your air cleaner.

One of the best ways to avoid the majority of air cleaner repairs is to get your system regularly maintained by a professional. When you set up maintenance of your home’s air conditioning and heating system, we will thoroughly inspect every component of the system—including your air cleaners. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of air cleaner maintenance.

Air Cleaner Services

Give us a call here at Hood Canal Heating & Cooling for all your air cleaner installation, repair and maintenance services. Our air cleaner technicians have over 150 years of combined experience working with all different kinds of air cleaners and we can help you ensure that quality of air in your home.

More About Indoor Air Quality

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